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573Any Problems with KMR?

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  • communitycat
    Oct 1, 2009
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      I received the following email today. I called and talked to these people and their issues are the same as mine. When we TNR we will take in abandoned kittens and bottle feed if necessary. This season we lost an unbelievable amount of bottle babies. In the past we have lost one or two total all season. This year we are lucky if one out of a litter survives. They stop eating, get diarrhea, fade away, and die. These are different colonies, different areas. She also said the KMR is not mixing right, like it used to. It clumps a lot and it's hard to mix. I thought we were just having a bad string of luck until I read this. Has anyone else had these issues or heard about this? This post came through ChicagoLand Stray Cat Coalition.


      I represent an animal rescue in Westfield, Mass. called the Westfield
      Homeless Cat Project. It had come to our attention after many many
      illnesses and fatalities, that there was a problem with the KMR
      formula. All of our foster parents, including myself, were losing
      litter after litter with a very low survival rate. As you know, the
      odds are already stacked against us in neo natal work, but the losses
      were excessive and with all the same symptoms. I ran across your
      "blog" and wanted to contact you concerning this. Our shelter is
      trying to get Fox News to investigate this as PetAg does not seem to
      want to recall any of the batches (expiration 5/2011 as far as we
      know). This is a terrible matter and the only answer we got was the
      "heat" problem. I had asked them about contamination of Melamine, as
      they procure their vitamin powder from China. I have not received an
      answer on that question.

      If you have any other information pertinent to this matter or if you
      wish to contact our rescue, please do so at 413-568-6964. The
      Director is Denise Sinico. Do you know of any other shelters,
      fosters, etc. with this issue? We need all the contact we can get.

      Thanks for your anticipated help and our sincere sympathy for those
      little lives lost needlessly.

      Suellen Duga
      Adoption Coordinator
      Westfield Homeless Cat Project"