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566WisCats Questionnaire

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  • dgeclipse_2000
    Aug 6 3:43 PM
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      1.) How many feral/stray cats are you presently involved in caring for?
      (other than your own pet cats)

      6 4 (feral) 2 (house)

      2.) How long have you been caring for the colon(y/ies) you're now
      involved with? 1 year

      3.) How many of them are spayed or neutered? all but 2 males

      4.) How much experience do you have with TNR and using the humane traps?
      quite a bit

      5.) How many of the cats you're now caring for have been born in
      your colon(y/ies) since you've been feeding them? 1 born in house

      6.) What do you feed your colony cats, and do you also provide fresh water?
      food and water daily, had a shelter in the winter. they all came
      to me as tiny kittens, born to a discarded mother. If I didn't feed them
      no one else would. They needed help, very bad neighborhood for cats.

      7.) Where do you usually get your cat food? Do you pay full price,
      or do you get a price break or donated cat food?
      cat food and kitty litter have alll been out of my own pocket. And at
      present is getting to be quite an expense. I try to buy onsale. Recently
      found a 40 lb. box of Pet Pride at Kroger for $8.99 cheapest I've found

      8.) How often do you feed your colony cats? Approximately what time
      of day? twice a day.... morning and evening. However, I have recently
      brought all 4 inside, as I am moving and intend to bring them with me.

      9.) Do you have a problem with raccoons or other animals coming to
      eat the cats' food? (Have you found any useful ways of dealing with
      this? Please share!)
      LOL!!! YES!! One dang blasted little raccoon decided he
      wanted to make THEIR home HIS. And I believe was starting to attack the
      males for territory. I WISH I knew how to get rid of him. The only way
      was bringing them inside and NO MORE FOOD for him to eat!

      10.) Do you provide any form of shelter for your colony cats? If
      so, what? (new & interesting ideas are always welcome)
      Over the winter... I had an old wood office desk sitting on my patio
      waiting to go to the garbage. I decided to keep it out there. Lined the
      bottom with heavy duty tarp, a waterproof mattress pad and fleece blankets.
      Covered the entire table with a heavy duty tarp and made a small slit in the
      center for them to get in and out. Also cut 1 small slit along the top for
      ventilation. Wasn't perfect... and I'm sure not good enough in some of
      those cold days, but they used it!

      11.) How many kittens (if any!) do you expect to be born in your
      colon(y/ies) this kitten season? I've been on top of it, no kitten births
      gonna happen here this year!!

      12.) How/where have you been getting the cats spay/neutered?
      (private vet, feral cat clinic, Humane Society program, etc.)
      First through Cat Welfare, and then through Colony Cats

      13.) Is "Eartipping" an essential part of your TNR routine?

      14.) How much have you typically been paying for spay/neuter
      & etc.? What does the "etc." include (testing for leukemia & FIV,
      Rabies & FVRCP vaccination, leukemia vaccination, worming,
      flea treatment, ear mite treatment, eartipping, etc.) for the price?
      When I went through Cat Welfare, all they did was rabies vaccination and
      the spay/neuter. I had to pay $8 for pain medication.

      With Colony Cats, they give FVCRP/Rabies vaccination, spay/neuter, pain
      meds, ear tip. I pay nothing.

      15.) Are you paying out of your own pocket for spay/neuter/etc,
      or are you part of a nonprofit that pays for the spay/neuter?

      For the ones I've kept. I have to pay myself. But going to the SOS
      Clinic that Colony Cats uses it will cost me $68 for Spay/FVCRP/Rabies
      vaccinations I still have 2 more females to do yet.

      16.) Do you also keep your own records of each TNR,
      or do you leave that to your vet?
      I have a file folder, each one I've done is in it.

      17.) Where geographically are you located? (nearest reasonable-
      sized city, state)
      Currently in Columbus Ohio. Am moving to Walworth WI. in 6 weeks

      18.) Are you in an urban, rural, or suburban environment?
      Currently living in a rural area

      19.) How long have you been involved in cat rescue? How long with
      feral cats?
      2 years..... / 2 years

      20.) Are your family and/or friends supportive of your efforts?
      NO..... they pretty much think I'm crazy. It has been VERY hard,
      doing what I KNOW is the Right thing to do, without any Support.

      21.) Do you have contact with other cat rescue/feral cat TNR people
      in your geographic area for mutual help and support?
      Only 1 has been very helpful to me. All via Email.

      22.) What do you do when a cat in your colon(y/ies) gets sick or
      injured? Take him to my vet.

      23.) Although it is very important to stay current with your
      tetanus vaccination, have you ever considered getting a
      "preventative" rabies vaccination (or have gotten this already)?
      no have not.... not sure I would, given I have numerous chronic health
      conditions and my system reacts oddly to many things.

      24.) How many "pet cats" do you have (as opposed to your colony
      cats) are they a pure breed, pound kitty, stray, tamed feral.
      In other words, what's your kitties' story?

      Too long to write LOL! First cat Princess.... she was a kicked out
      pet. VERY friendly little one, guessing was about maybe 7 months old at the
      time. She is now Queen Bee of the household and lets everyone know it.
      But sooooooooo beautiful! At that same time I had come across a Feral
      female. She looked soooooooo lost and alone. She was trusting enough to
      come and eat food but not let me near her or touch her. I worked with her
      for about 3 months, sitting outside twice a day, half an hour each time.
      When I fed her and gave her water. Little by little she let me pet her
      while she was eating, and she'd purrrrrr like crazy. Eventually she came
      to me, started putting her paws on my leg and one day climbed in my lap.
      One very cold windy Jan day. I got her to eat in a cat carrier. And once
      she felt comfortable in it, I closed it and scooted her right to my vet to
      get cleaned up. And brought her inside. Ok. Now I was back to square
      one. TOTAL mistrust of me. Hid for WEEKS. But again, eventually would
      start peaking out, sit by me when she ate, and eventually let me hold her.
      However, she was extremely fearful probably for a good year. Now, after
      much work and effort, she is one beautiful, happy little camper! Likes to
      plop down on top of me when I'm in bed. Loves to sleep right by me.
      She's adorable and my pride and joy! The other 4 I'm keeping were born to
      yet another kicked out momma, whom I made the decision to bring in last June
      because she was really tearing at my heart. Hugely pregnant, emotionally
      rejected, lost... She delivered 5 beautiful kittens the next day. Raised
      them all down in my finished basement. I am keeping 4 of them. Jordan,
      Jeremy, Kayla & Sierra. Need to find a home yet for the Momma/Dakota and
      Cassie who was just spayed today.
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