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310Do Not fill your car gas tanks on May 15th

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  • child of God
    May 7 5:43 PM
      Please feel free to crosspost this message to everyone in yiour email address box........
      Due to the price of gasoline now selling for far over $3.00 per gallon, the only way we can protest these high prices and actually succeed in doing so, is to ask your family/friends/neighbors/co-workers,bosses,etc to STAY AWAY from any gas station on May 15th- do not put any gasoline in your car gas tank at all on MAY 15th'2007. By doing this would make the gas stations lose over a few billion dollars of gasoline purchases- which would force them to lower their gasoline prices overnight by as much as 30 cents per gallon- just like what they were forced to do back in the year 1997.
      Please pass this message along to everyone in your email addrerss box and ask them to crosspost this message in each of their person in their address boxes as well- then on the evening of May 14th- give each person a friendly reminder to stay away from the gas stations the following day. If we each do this, the gas stations would be forced to lower their prices overnight.Thanks so much