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249Happy Update on my fiance Ken/ following his MAJOR STROKE 1 week ago today

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  • child of God
    Nov 4, 2006
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      I apologize for not gettting back to any of you before now/ haven't been able to get to the library to read/respond to all of my emails until today. Please forgive me.....However, this is a HAPPIER update on Ken's progress since his Major stroke last Saturday night.
      Late last night, Ken's sister(Carla) called me and told me that for aprox 5 minutes Ken had opened his left eye!!!! Yes-Praise God!!! The doctores told her as his swelling in his brain is going down, he should be opening his eyes more and he should be beginning to re-gain his eyesight. YES!!!! 
      In addition, He is beginning to respond when she or anyone of the medical staff come in to see him!!!! Praise God!!! Please keep the prayers coming- again you people just don't know HOW MUCH his sister and I VERY MUCH APPRECCIATE ALL of your prayers and support. Thanks again,Kitty