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218Re: [WisCats] New "study" from the American Bird Conservancy

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  • tcleonard
    Aug 9, 2006
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      If you could send a report that says that ferals aren't killing birdsto the
      degree of making song birds extinct I would appreciate it. My neighbor is
      trapping my ferals in live traps and " saying he takes them to the outskirts
      of the city. I have tried everything from the talking kindly to him
      explaining the reason of TNR to asking the city for help to no evale.... I
      am sick as he has taken several of my cats and remove them from the area.
      Please if you have an article to persuade him send it to me.....


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      Subject: [WisCats] New "study" from the American Bird Conservancy

      > They didn't do so well in Wisconsin, so they're doing studies in other
      > states to support their anti-TNR view, in an effort to promote
      > legislation to make TNR or feeding feral cats a crime. They'll work the
      > "easy" states first, and eventually come back to Wisconsin.
      > http://www.abcbirds.org/cats/NFWF.pdf
      > Marsha
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