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  • Marce
    Jul 31, 2005
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      Whew! What a great feeling and what a relief. All of your hard work
      finally payed off. The kitten might be trap shy because it is
      something new and scary, but I bet with mom out of the picture for a
      few days, you will trap him before she is released. Do you have an
      extension cage for your trap? so baby sees mom at the back of the
      trap (in the cage), and will then go in to be by mom. If not you
      could always put the carrier, with mom in it, up against the back of
      the trap too, and cover it with a towel. Good luck.

      As for my kitty, I will start trying again next weekend. I was
      starting to feel pretty hopeless, but your catch has helped restore my

      Thanks for all of the ideas, I think I will try the liverwurst!

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