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  • Charles R. Buchanan
    Don t know why you took it personal! As far as e-mail clients. There are WAY better ones out there! ;-) Do this experiment. Get a glass/jar/bowl,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2007
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      Don't know why you took it personal! <shrug>

      As far as e-mail clients. There are WAY better ones out there! ;-)

      Do this experiment. Get a glass/jar/bowl, whatever, drop a penny into it
      everyday. Would adding a penny a day increase the total weight of the
      container? Now, granted, this particular list may not generate hundreds
      of messages a day, they do add up.

      You see, it REALLY doesn't matter to me because I have 1TB of hard drive
      space here on a high speed connection so I'm not much worried about it,
      but being the considerate person I am, I do snip my replys out of common
      courtesy and plus, who REALLY need to read a five mile long message?
      (some people actually do)

      I created a new message so for those of us who has the *sort by thread*
      function wouldn't have to deal with a new thread within the earlier one.
      Which brings us to another one of your comments. No on is saying to snip
      ALL of the message because most people who has been around the block a
      few times, usually reads the threads that interest them. Being that
      Vista is relatively new, I do pay attention to all the messages, thus I
      have read all messages that I have received since joining the list. So
      that also mean, I don't need to see the whole thread in one message.
      After so many:


      it really does start getting to your eyes! Then to try and find the one
      point/reference amongst all of that sometimes is a chore. Also, it only
      takes a couple of clicks to read previous posts on the thread, but it
      has always been courteous to leave some of the message you are replying
      to so that people can tell what the reply is referring to.

      I'm sort of a packrat when it comes to email because I'm a listowner as
      well, and I really do HATE it when someone tells me that I said such and
      such. So I don't delete any messages. It serves a couple of purposes.
      One, I can dispute someones accusation or what have you, secondly,
      whenever a problem pops up, I have my own search engine I can utilize
      to see if anyone else have ever had the same problem. Since as I said
      Vista is new, the going back to archives only relates to XP, W2K Pro and
      W2K Advance Server. I still have a few PST files laying about, but I
      stopped using MS e-mail clients YEARS ago!

      As far as speed of downloads and the such are concerned, on other lists,
      there are people on the list from various countries that pay by the hour
      and in some cases by the minutes. A lot of places are finally moving up,
      there are still those who actually appreciate smaller files, especially
      if they go the digest route, which adds up depending on number of
      messages and size of messages.

      So while this may not explain everything, this is the way I do things.
      Except the other day I was too quick on the mouse and sent a message
      without snipping, and I was going to apologize for it, but was hoping no
      one would notice. :-O

      Didn't mean to hit a nerve, it wasn't a personal attack.

      On Thu, 31 May 2007 21:03:55 -0400, "Garry" <garrywb@...> took time to say the following:

      > I would have gladly removed all the message thread up to the last if it
      > would have let me without just dumping everying.
      > I am using OE and this page has a bold line on the left from this point
      > on and it will not allow you to remove a single line or a paragraph,
      > it's all or nothing.
      > My answer without the thread below would have meant nothing other than
      > HUH? For one thing look at the subject line, it doesn't even resemble
      > what we are discussing in the currant thread.
      > As to those on dialup being slowed down because the thread is not
      > removed, our typed lines take only milleseconds to send/recieve. All
      > the garbage that Yahoo adds on with it's graphics and advertising is
      > what slowes things down.
      > As to the room it takes to read an e-mail. I for one delete these
      > e-mails as soon as I read them and have OE set to remove all deleted
      > messages as soon as OE is closed. If it is good enough information then
      > I save it.
      > Garry B

      When a computer dies, does it see a blue screen?
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