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Re: [Win7] The vastness of security ... On Sun, 3/9/14, Doug Harris wrote: Subject: Re: [Win7] The vastness of security To: Windows_7_Operating_System@yahoogroups.com Date:
John Koehler
Mar 10
Searching for files There is a great free program you can use to search for files in a partition or in a folder called Agent Ransack that I use almost daily and have used it for
John Koehler
Feb 17
Another Major Sign That Windows 8 Is A Failure Hot off the press: http://www.businessinsider.com/hp-windows-7-back-by-popular-demand-2014-1 $   $   $  "The good of others' is a magic formula that
John Koehler
Jan 20
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Second hard drive for a laptop or desktop Some years ago I bought a USB external hard drive enclosure - it's like an empty shell - it works great. You just pull the top off and plug in a 2.5 or 3.5 ATA
John Koehler
Jan 14
Re: [win8] Re: [WinXPPro] My XP optimization tips (feel free to add ... On Sun, 1/12/14, Christopher J. wrote: Subject: Re: [win8] Re: [WinXPPro] My XP optimization tips (feel free to add or
John Koehler
Jan 12
Re: [WinXPPro] My XP optimization tips (feel free to add or comment) Hi Charles - Thank you for this post. It is truly excellent. It is so good in fact that I am sending it to all our Window groups. Which reminds me: if you are
John Koehler
Jan 12
Re: [Win7] System Backup Requirements Hey Doug, 1.) I don't quite understand what you mean by 'going to have your BSOD serviced'. Are you going to pay someone to do something to your puter? I
John Koehler
Dec 11, 2013
Re: Occasional Jittery Screen Episodes under VISTA Business, not XP Sorry for the false clue: I use XP very rarely, and the observation that there are no jittery screens under that was apparently based on sparse data. The real
Sep 11, 2013
Occasional Jittery Screen Episodes under VISTA Business, not XP Does anybody have a hunch why one would occasionally, at unpredictable times, and for quite a while, get intensive jittering on a Toshiba Tecra notebook
Jun 11, 2013
Re: Number of processors not resettable in msconfig Two additional general thoughts. (A WAG? first.) The new computer might just be "too fast" for what you are trying to run on it. Older computers had a button
Apr 27, 2013
Re: Number of processors not resettable in msconfig Hi Rick, Thanks for the BIOS suggestion and the general market background. BIOS Setup worked for me, resulting in a clear indication in Device Manager that now
Apr 27, 2013
Re: Another Stupid Question Part answer about searching. File manager and searching has been broken for years in Windows. I will never elaborate on that for the nitpickers or trolls. I
Apr 23, 2013
Re: Number of processors not resettable in msconfig Some brands of computer have more settings in the BIOS, specifically that one. I would look there. (Mine do. I pick my MBs carefully.) I looked in device
Apr 23, 2013
Re: Number of processors not resettable in msconfig On second thought, I still would appreciate help on msconfig, specifically on how to proceed to turn the second processor off. I got it done once or twice,
Apr 22, 2013
Re: Number of processors not resettable in msconfig Sorry to have bothered you for nothing: By poking around in msconfig, I found that clicking to reboot with the original settings actually restores the old
Apr 20, 2013
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Re: Another Stupid Question I sympathize with your question and your reading of reality! When I had to buy a new computer for various reasons in 2008, and was forced into Vista by the
Apr 19, 2013
Number of processors not resettable in msconfig I solved a synchronization problem in a real-time program by changing msconfig Advanced Boot Options from 2 to 1, and rebooting. (And the real-time program
Apr 19, 2013
10 Ways to Customize Windows 7 http://www.tomsguide.com/us/pictures-story/407-windows-7-customize-customization.html    ... Voltaire (1694-1778): "God is a comedian playing to an audience
John Koehler
Sep 11, 2012
Software UI Replaces Blocky Interface in Windows 8 Don't want to upgrade because of the blocky Modern UI in Windows 8? This software will bypass it, offering the familiar desktop environment instead. 
John Koehler
Sep 10, 2012
One click print icon Forgive me if this gets lengthy... I would like to come up with a desktop icon that will open and print a document with a single click. We're trying to set up
Sep 9, 2012
Your PC Just Crashed? It could be hardware. http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/08/chip_errors/    ... Voltaire (1694-1778): "God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to
John Koehler
Aug 30, 2012
Will Windows 8 Secure Boot keep Linux out? Hot off the press: http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2012/08/secure-boot/    ... Voltaire (1694-1778): "God is a comedian playing to an audience that is
John Koehler
Aug 28, 2012
Screen Saver Won't Start in Vista Home Premium My husband is running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. All of a sudden his screen saver REFUSES to come on and he wants to know how to fix it. I can't see
M. Lillian Hughes
Aug 12, 2012
How to circumvent NBC - part II oops I forgot to include some things: 1.) When you bring TunnelBear up, first you will want to click on either US or the UK, then click on ON - You may then
John Koehler
Aug 2, 2012
How to circumvent NBC's online control of the Olympics. Are you vaguely amused/disgusted at NBC's attempts to put a lock on the Olympics?  Not willing to interrupt their money maker soaps like General Hospital
John Koehler
Aug 1, 2012
15 Windows 8 Tips and Tricks http://www.tomsguide.com/us/win8-tips-tricks,review-1778.html    ... Voltaire (1694-1778): “God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to
John Koehler
Jul 10, 2012
Attention all Windows users: patch your systems now If you run Windows and haven't installed Tuesday's batch of security fixes, you should stop whatever else you're doing and run them now.
John Koehler
Jun 14, 2012
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Today is the official launch of IPv6 the new Internet protocol Will you notice any difference? nope. What IS the difference?  The main difference is the number of unique IP addresses on the Internet. All computers on the
John Koehler
Jun 7, 2012
Is Windows 8 an Unmitigated disaster? John Dvorak seems to think so: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Windows-8-Release-Preview-Wall-Street-Journal-Metro-UI-John-Dvorak,15901.html    ... Andrew
John Koehler
Jun 7, 2012
Windows 8's built-in antivirus will put third-party products first OEMs have long bundled third-party antivirus software with their systems, because they receive kickbacks from the antivirus vendors whenever users buy
John Koehler
Jun 5, 2012
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