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2393Re: [Win7] System Backup Requirements

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  • John Koehler
    Dec 11, 2013
      Hey Doug,

      1.) I don't quite understand what you mean by 'going to have your BSOD serviced'. Are you going to pay someone to do something to your puter?

      I assume you have put

      bsod windows 7

      into google and have seen some of the great hits like the 4th one down:


      2.) In theory Win 7 and 8 both sort of defrag by themselves, but, there is a free application that does an excellent job called Defragger from Piriform. You can download it from:


      Before taking a backup I would run it a few times until you get a lot of blue meaning little or no fragmentation. It may take MANY hours to complete each run.

      3.) When you say "Hard drive is (I think) 1TB, and about 650 (MB?) used - ie around one third of its capacity." did you mean to say 650 GB used?

      DVD drives can burn about 4.37 GB on one disk so if you do have 650 Gigs it will take 149 DVD disks to do the backup so that is clearly not a solution. 650 GB of data is an enormous amount of data. I have hundreds of programs installed, 5,000 MP3s and 10,000 JPGs and my Charlie 750 GB drive is only 60% used or 450 GB .

      Anyway, I highly recommend Acronis True Image to do backups - I have used it for years - it may cost money now but I started using it when it was free. Here is how I do my backups: Whenever i buy a new hard drive I buy two of the exact same drive and exact same model (I have had great luck with Western black). I am currently running on a 750 GB drive. Once a month I drop my second drive in my cpu, run Acronis which makes an exact clone of my Charlie drive. I then put my Charlie drive packed in a closet and run off the newly created clone. That way if there is a hard drive crash I simply go into the closet and get my backup and whala. Works for me.

      In the fifteen years I have run Windows machines I have never (except one and I can't remember which one now) paid money for any application software. When new software is announced it's always free for a while. My heavily used software includes Agent Ransack (to do searches), Revo Uninstaller to completely uninstall software from everywhere including the registry, CClleaner, ZoneAlarm, MSE and a few others. I would never ever EVER install or run any of the many dozens of software that is supposed to keep your puter clean. I only use MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) and ZoneAlarm (and WD (Windows Defender) on Win 8). Maybe once every 6 months or so I get blue screens and I always ignore them. They usually occur when I am pushing the system (Xing things out when the software is busy etc.)

      When I backup my Charlie drive I usually turn it on late afternoon and let it run all night. I THINK it takes over 12 hours to clone a 750 GB disk that is 60% full. Acronis may be the only software that I would pay money for if I had to.

      Have fun and please yell or use google if you run into any problems.


      PS I am CCing our other Win groups to share the info.

      'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' -  Leonardo da Vinci: 

      On Wed, 12/11/13, Doug Harris <digbee@...> wrote:

      Subject: [Win7] System Backup Requirements
      To: Windows_7_Operating_System@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 8:27 PM


      Hi all.

      I need to make a System (Image?) disc as backup, which has
      never been

      done. My PC will be going in for servicing for BSOD in

      It's running 32-bit.

      I have several blank DVD discs - an 8.5GB Verbatim DVD-R DL,
      and a

      couple of Imation DVD-R 16x 2 hr - are these suitable, and
      if not how

      much capacity do I need? And approx how long will this
      take? Processor

      is about 3.6.

      Hard drive is (I think) 1TB, and about 650 (MB?) used - ie
      around one

      third of its capacity.

      Advice please??


      Doug Harris

      Auckland, New Zealand