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2392Re: Occasional Jittery Screen Episodes under VISTA Business, not XP

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  • Roger
    Sep 11, 2013
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      Sorry for the false clue: I use XP very rarely, and the observation that there are no jittery screens under that was apparently based on sparse data. The real reason seems to be that after 5 years, the limit switch in the lid of my notebook begins to suffer from air pollution and has intermittent contact. When I turn the lid up and down a few times, the jitter disappears or diminishes. Probably spraying a deadly solvent into the hinge area would clear that up a little better, if one is not sensitive to industrial health hazards.

      --- In Windows_Vista_operating_system@yahoogroups.com, "Roger" <rogerbelling@...> wrote:
      > Does anybody have a hunch why one would occasionally, at unpredictable times, and for quite a while, get intensive jittering on a Toshiba Tecra notebook screen, with vertical lines and sometimes vertical bands appearing for fractions of a second, and the computer apparently reluctant to follow the keyboard or the mouse with usual promptness? When I reboot Windows XP, the problem is left behind, apparently, but I have most of my modern software under VISTA Business. Defragmenting (which I have scheduled once a month, and which is reported done on apparently the first occasion after the scheduled time as to be expected) is apparently not the reason, and it isn't nearly that disrupive either.
      > I could reload an old Acronis system dump of my VISTA system years ago from a CDd-ROM, I think, but I am not eager to deal with the technicalities of that, if I do not have a strong reason to expect less trouble along such a path.
      > Thanks for your attention.
      > Roger Belling
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