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2389[Vista] Re: Number of processors not resettable in msconfig

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  • Roger
    Apr 27, 2013
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      Hi Rick,
      Thanks for the BIOS suggestion and the general market background.
      BIOS Setup worked for me, resulting in a clear indication in Device Manager that now only one CPU is available. (I have a Tecra M8 Series notebook under Vista Business without any SPs.)
      Unfortunately, although I had my real-time program (with clocked wait loops) working perfectly for a fraction of a day when I was temporarily successful in changing number of processors by msconfig, now changing to one processor clearly visible in Device Manager does not change operation of that program to 'perfect'. But that is probably not an operating system problem. I am glad to have clear-cut control through BIOS Setup now.
      (It might be that one processor is in net effect even faster than two processors with the coordination overhead. By the way, I also found that msconfig cannot override a BIOS setting, so it does look like a "temporary" facility.)
      Roger Belling

      --- In Windows_Vista_operating_system@yahoogroups.com, rickglaz4742435 <rickglaz4742435@...> wrote:
      > Some brands of computer have more settings in the BIOS,
      > specifically that one.
      > I would look there. (Mine do. I pick my MBs carefully.)
      > I looked in device manager under Processors (on VISTA) here,
      > but "disable" is grayed out so I doubt MS would let me do it.
      > Someone might write a "parking" program for that...
      > My CPU cores "*park*" themselves as needed.
      > msconfig is supposed to be a temporary workaround, not a
      > permanent repair.
      > RickGlaz4742435
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      > Roger wrote:
      > > On second thought, I still would
      > > appreciate help on msconfig, specifically on how to proceed
      > > to turn the second processor off.  I got it done once
      > > or twice, and that had the expected effect, but I haven't
      > > been able to repeat that recently.  Maybe Microsoft in
      > > its patronizing wisdom, assuming they know what consumers
      > > want, have built restrictions into msconfig, that permit you
      > > to change the number of processors only once or twice in
      > > what they hope will be the product cycle.  I would have
      > > to change once a week.  As rebooting is required to
      > > complete a requested change, and reboots can be requested by
      > > different buttons, maybe I am just clicking the wrong
      > > button?  Also, clicking OK under the General tab seems
      > > to be required.  But which reboot option is the most
      > > opportune then?  Is there a User Manual for msconfig
      > > somewhere in the Internet jungle?  I couldn't find user
      > > support on the MS website, like there used to be.
      > > R.B.
      > >
      > >
      > > --- In Windows_Vista_operating_system@yahoogroups.com,
      > > "Roger" <rogerbelling@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Sorry to have bothered you for nothing:  By poking
      > > around in msconfig, I found that clicking to reboot with the
      > > original settings actually restores the old value - though
      > > one is not allowed to set the number of processors
      > > explicitly.
      > > > R.B.
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > --- In Windows_Vista_operating_system@yahoogroups.com,
      > > "Roger" <rogerbelling@> wrote:
      > > > >
      > > > > I solved a synchronization problem in a real-time
      > > program by changing msconfig Advanced Boot Options from 2 to
      > > 1, and rebooting.  (And the real-time program than
      > > worked.)  When I was done with my real-time adventure
      > > and wanted my full speed back for batch jobs that run up to
      > > several days, in my line of research, msconfig didn't let me
      > > change the setting back to where I had had it originally.
      > > > > Any clues?
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