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2388Re: [Vista] Re: Another Stupid Question

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  • rickglaz4742435
    Apr 23, 2013
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      Part answer about searching.
      File manager and searching has been broken for years in Windows.
      I will never elaborate on that for the nitpickers or trolls.

      I use AgentRansack
      AKA FileLocatorLite (IIRC) for those that need a more generic name.


      The FREE version is fine for me, but they have a paid one I never
      looked at or tried.


      Sent from Yahoo WEBmail.
      "You understand and agree that anyone helping you is
      not able to verify the information you provide, and
      that if you provide incorrect or incomplete information,
      the advice provided to you may not be accurate."
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      Roger wrote:
      > but when
      > I cannot cope with a file search of Windows Explorer under
      > Vista, I sometimes boot up Windows XP, and usually easily
      > find everything I want, if it is actually
      > there.   
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