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2374How to circumvent NBC's online control of the Olympics.

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  • John Koehler
    Aug 1, 2012
      Are you vaguely amused/disgusted at NBC's attempts to put a lock on the Olympics?  Not willing to interrupt their money maker soaps like General Hospital or All My Children NBC is forcing us to wait till 7:30 pm to see the day's events. Now with TunnelBear you can appear to live in England so you have access to all the online events live. Just install and bring up TunnelBear, point to England and bring up google to find live events. Google will think you are in England where one has access to all the live Olympic events.

      Beyond that TunnelBear is valuable if you don't want cookie trackers chasing you while collecting info on you. With TunnelBear you can choose an IP address in the USA as well as England.

      TunnelBear is free, easy to install, easy to use and doesn't slow things down. I have used Tor for many years to avoid being tracked but Tor makes Internet things very very slow. I use the free TunnelBear but there are other choices. 

      Read all about how to use it for the Olympics here:


      or go straight to TunnelBear here: https://www.tunnelbear.com/%c2%a0


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