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Nov 7 Disappearance of Lord Lucan; Melbourne Cup; Duns Scotus

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  • Pip Wilson
    Every day is a red-letter day! Below are some snippets from today in the Book of Days, featuring 366 days in 3.9+ million words. Click for today, your
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      Today in the Book of Days


      Duns ScotusFeast day of Blessed John Duns Scotus

      One of the most important and influential philosopher-theologians of the High Middle Ages, John Duns Scotus (c. 1266 - November 8, 1308) was a theologian and philosopher, born in Duns, Borders, Scotland. Some argue that during his tenure at Oxford, the notion of what differentiates theology from philosophy and science began in earnest. He was one of the most important Franciscan theologians and was the founder of Scotism, a special form of Scholasticism. He was known as 'Doctor Subtilis' because of his subtle merging of differing views.  

      Ordained a priest in Northampton, England, he studied and taught at Oxford and Paris, and probably also at Cambridge. Finally, he came to Cologne, Germany, in 1307.

      Later philosophers were not so complimentary about his work and the modern word dunce comes from the name 'Dunse' given to his followers ...


      The first Melbourne Cup

      1861 Melbourne, Australia: Archer, ridden by J Cutts, won the first Melbourne Cup, one of the world's richest horse racing prizes. The event has been held on the first Tuesday in November since 1861 by the Victoria Racing Club, on the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. It is generally regarded as the most prestigious 'two-mile' handicap in the world (the race was originally held over two miles, about 3,218 metres, but following Australia's adoption of the metric system in 1972 the current distance of 3,200 metres was adopted).

      Virtually the whole of Australia stops to watch or listen to the race in homes, offices and even in cars pulled over to the sides of roads, and in the State of Victoria, of which Melbourne is the capital, Cup Day is a public holiday. It was first declared a holiday for Victorian public servants and bank employees in 1865, and in the following year it was declared a public holiday for all workers ...

      Categories: australia, history


      Disappearance of Lord Lucan

      1974 Richard Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan (Lord Lucan; b. December 18, 1934) and Lady Lucan's nanny was found murdered, in the basement of the family home in Belgravia, London. Lady Lucan was found alive in the hall. Lord Lucan disappeared and many unconfirmed reports of sightings of the missing lord in various parts of the world occurred for a number of years.

      A month after the murder, the suspicions of Australian police were aroused when a distinguished-looking Englishman turned up in Melbourne. On
      Christmas Eve, 1974, he was immediately arrested and questioned. It turned out not to be Lucan, but the former Labour government minister John Stonehouse, wanted by police in Britain after faking his suicide in Florida, USA in order to escape business debts.

      The peer was officially declared dead by the High Court in London in 1999 ...

      Categories: uk, mystery, crime, law, legal
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