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May 2 Loch Ness monster; Athanasius Kircher; Paris 1968

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  • Pip Wilson
    Every day is a red-letter day! Below are some snippets from today in the Book of Days, featuring 366 days in 3.8+ million words. Click for today, your
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      Proudly presenting our major project, the Book of Days
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      Below are some snippets from today in the Book of Days, featuring 366 days in 3.8+ million words.
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      Today in the Book of Days
      1602 Athanasius Kircher (d. November 27, 1680), 17th-Century German Jesuit scholar and polymath who published around forty works, most notably in the fields of oriental studies, geology and medicine. He made an early study of Egyptian hieroglyphs. He was ahead of his time in proposing that the plague was caused by an infectious microorganism and in suggesting effective measures to prevent the spread of the disease.
      Kircher was a probable one-time owner of the Voynich Manuscript, the mysterious and so far untranslatable 240-page medieval manuscript owned in more recent years by Wilfrid Voynich ...


      Loch Ness monster

      1933 Loch Ness monster: A world-famous mystery came to public prominence with an Inverness, Scotland, newspaper article headlined 'A Strange Spectacle on Loch Ness'.

      Water bailiff Alex Campbell claimed that he had seen a mystery creature on the 23-mile loch. Since Campbell's unexplained experience, there may have been more than 1,000 reported sightings of the monster that have added many millions of pounds to the local economy.

      Nessie's Inverness-based official fan club has declared today International Loch Ness Monster Day ...
      1968 France: The Protest at University of Nanterre escalated into a nationwide studentsÂ’ strike still known generally as 'Paris 1968' or 'May 1968', when a general insurrection broke out across France. It quickly began to reach near-revolutionary proportions before being suppressed by the government of Charles de Gaulle, and, ironically perhaps, the French Communist Party.
      By May 20, six million workers were on strike; within a few days the number was up to ten or eleven million ...
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