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  • Pip Wilson
    Dear member, As you will probably know by now, I am promoting my passionate novel, Faces in the Street , at http://www.boilingbilly.com This is not just a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2006
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      Dear member,
      Faces in the Street, a novel about Louisa Lawson, Henry Lawson and their remarkable friends 
      As you will probably know by now, I am promoting my passionate novel, 'Faces in the Street', at http://www.boilingbilly.com
      This is not just a book for Australians, but for 'Australians at heart', and, "by crikey", I know that applies to many people worldwide.
      It is about Australia's most famous poet and author, Henry Lawson -- a really amazing character with a dangerous liking for beer -- and his remarkable mother, Louisa Lawson, and their incredible circle of friends -- bohemians, radicals, the famous, the downtrodden. Henry is famous, but not many people know that Louisa Lawson was the "Mother of Women's Suffrage" in the country that first had the vote for women and their right to stand for election. And Henry and Louisa had a very intense relationship. You might say, they drove each other crazy!
      I have self-published this 565-page novel, and am happy to say that Penguin Books wrote to me last week, after reading sample chapters, asking for the whole manuscript. Kindly cross your fingers and toes for your almanackist.
      But if a major publisher is to pick up this new title by an unknown writer, it will help if I have support from readers of the free daily Almanac. So I'm asking you to visit http://www.boilingbilly.com
      After three weeks the book has six star ranking (the highest) and the following keyword rankings out of tens of thousands of books ranked at America's  lulu.com:
      Feminist 1
      Mental health 1
      Alcoholism 1
      Activism 1
      Poetry 10
      Henry Lawson 1
      Love 9
      Progressive 1
      Suffragettes 1
      Women 3
      Historical 6
      History 4
      Radical 1
      It has, in fact, jumped up 22,000 places in three weeks.
      Is the novel any good? I'm not the best judge of that, but here's what one prestigious judge thinks of 'Faces in the Street':
      “Good stuff – experientially, politically, anecdotally, stylistically, narratively, romantically, alcoholically. What more can one say?”
      Douglas Houston, PhD (co-editor of the Oxford Good Fiction Guide).
      What I can promise is that the book is about Australia in the late-19th Century and is very surprising, dealing with unknown Aussie terrorism, love affairs, madness, struggles for justice and women's rights, and a great many things that are forgotten even to Australians and people who know Australian history. Things that are relevant even in the post-9/11 world.
      I think 'Faces in the Street' will make an excellent Christmas gift for anyone who likes historical romances, or who is interested in history and Australia, from the Gold Rush days to the time when Sydney was a bustling, crazy city twice as populous as San Francisco, in the 1890s. It's the Wild West, but the Aussie Wild West.
      I ask you to support your free daily Almanac, and I'm not ashamed to urge you to get a copy of 'Faces in the Street' for yourself, and some for your friends for Christmas. Because I think you'll all find it "Good stuff – experientially, politically, anecdotally, stylistically, narratively, romantically, alcoholically".
      What more can one say? Except that right now you can only get it at http://www.boilingbilly.com where you can follow the link to http://www.lulu.com/content/446062 and have your purchase delivered within just a few days. I have kept my royalties to the very minimum in order to get the book spread as far and wide as possible. So, for a huge historical novel that weighs almost a kilo (two pounds) I have kept the price to 20 bucks. (If you have been with the Almanac for a while you will know I want readers much more than I want money.)
      I invite you to support this book. And please, tell me what you think of 'Faces in the Street'.
      If you will send the link http://www.boilingbilly.com to your friends and email lists, I will be most grateful. Thank you, dear member.
      I hope you enjoy the read about Australia's hidden history.
      Abundance and gratitude,
      Your almanackist,
      Louisa Lawson, and Henry Lawson's pen
      George St, Sydney, around 1900
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