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meeting notes and decisions

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  • Brandy
    The homeschool-life site has a new tab- :) YEAH! - called class registrations . You cn now easily sign-up for classes and find class description, pricing,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2009
      The homeschool-life site has a new tab- :) YEAH! - called "class registrations". You cn now easily sign-up for classes and find class description, pricing, times, and a lot of other information all in one place. This should streamline the process well beyond the clunky, hard to understand, calendar events I posted last year.

      The meeting today voted to keep the 10% discount for registrations paid in full on the first day of classes.

      Our semester will be 13 weeks over a three months period. We will start on Jan 5th and run through March 30th. With the last day being our traditional half day and potluck. The class fees are scheduled to be the same for most classes.

      We have a new policy on building usage. Starting next Tuesday, no one is allowed in the sanctuary. The guitar classes will be moved to the basement "high school" (couch) room. It's the third door on the right. Hall monitors should be aware that this room is off limits to us and that they should ask kids to not be in the room. A chair will be placed in front of the doors with a note stating his new policy. It should be moved in place in the morning and back to the side by the afternoon hall monitors.

      Susan Parker has volunteered to be our potluck coordinator this year. Thank-you Susan. Please see her to put down your tasty offerings for the end of the term potluck. I want to publicly apologize to Susan for announcing the meeting was at the Main street library and then moving it to the North Hampton library without updating the yahoo group on that tid-bit of info. Again, so sorry about that and thank-you for taking the potluck sign-up task on!

      A new table policy has been made. All announcements, advertisements, or selling events that are being made to the group at large will go in a legal size pamphlet holder on the file folder table. They need "policy board approval" (approval from myself and one other teacher). The newer notices will be first, with older notices moving up the ladder as newer messages come in. This should allow the table to be easy to put up and clean up for the hall monitors while still keeping our members informed of opportunities. This policy extends to the file folder box for all students; Please get prior approval.

      The big change next winter session is that fifth period will be moved to 2:30pm. Chemistry needs more time; DI needs more time, and Advanced Spanish is caught in the cross fire and is being moved to accommodate students coming from chemistry. This means some fourth period classes will be 1.5 long, while some remain at 1 hour.

      Final decision: (it was a very productive hour!)
      We will hold a curriculum fair on Friday, May 14th.( Assuming we have permission from our hosting church) It will be a drop off service with sellers dropping off their goods on Thursday, volunteers checking their incoming books and ordering them on tables divided by grade, and then further by subject in that grade. This works so well at HEAV and at JCE's curriculum sale. We're going to give it a try. Volunteers will be desperately needed for his event (Bonus: volunteers get first pick through the material- think about it.)

      Thank-you to Catryna Jackson, Sonya Edwards, and Ruth Hertzler for attending this season's teacher/ organization meeting. Honorary thanks to Susan P. who tried :)
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