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5Retracing my steps: Washburn - Williams connection

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  • David Sylvester
    Dec 7, 2007
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      Retracing my steps: Washburn - Williams connection -

      Edward Jones Washburn born 23 October 1861 in Madison, Somerset
      County, Maine son of Alden F Washburn (Hosea 7, Hosea 6, [weak link
      here] Stephen 5, Ephraim 4, Joseph 3, John 2, John 1) and Judith L
      Jones (Edward, Edward). He died 30 August 1914 in Madison.

      Alice Eldora Williams born 3 July 18__ (probably 1860's) in Madison
      daughter of Orrington L Williams (Thomas B 5, Nathaniel Hall 4,
      George 3, Samuel 2, Thomas 1) and Sylvia Pullen Gamage (William 6,
      William 5, Joshua 4, Nathaniel 3, Joshua 2, John 1). She is buried
      in Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison.

      Married 9 September 1891 probably in Madison.


      1. Evangeline Estelle Washburn born 30 Jun 1895 in Norridgewock,
      Somerset County, Maine, died 16 Oct 1981. Married Vivian Daniel
      Sylvester of Searsport, Waldo County, Maine son of Dummer Michael
      Sylvester and Evelyn Lissie [Cochran] Elbridge.

      2. Sadie Washburn married Austie Chelf, no children.

      3. Mary E Washburn married James Thorne, one son.

      From a clipping in a local newspaper a few days after his untimely

      "Edward J. Washburn of Madison died suddenly at his home on Pine
      Street, Sunday night at the age of 52, after an illness of about
      ten weeks of tuberculosis.

      "While his relatives and friends knew that it was only a matter of
      time before he must pass on still the end at this time was wholly
      unexpected and came as a great shock to the entire community of
      which he was a loved and respected member.

      "Mr. Washburn was a member of the Baptist church and always an
      active worker in the choir, the church and the Sunday School and in
      all three various places it will be hard to find a man, always so
      ready and cheerful and always at his post.

      "Mr. Washburn had been assistant janitor at the library and the
      school buildings until failing health in the spring forced him to
      give up active work, and by his unfailing courtesy and faithfulness
      to his duties endeared himself to all with whom he came in contact."

      If anybody has anything to add, subtract, confirm or refute I'd
      like to hear what you've got.

      If you'd like to add this information to your database or share it
      with others feel free to do so and please cite the source. If you
      would like to publish this information in your web site, your own
      book, CD or other publication I would appreciate a note from you
      saying so. This data is not to be submitted to any person,
      organization or firm that in the business of collecting data to put
      on commercial CD's or commercial web sites for the purpose of
      selling it to their patrons.

      Best wishes,

      David Sylvester
      28 North Searsport Road
      Searsport, Maine 04974

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