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Re: [William-Optics] Recent images with GT-ONE HD

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  • Rob La Pointe
    Kevin, The mount holds the C14 with no problem. In fact I ve even piggybacked the FS 102 and this seems to be about the limit to the mount. At least that
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 25, 2001
      The mount holds the C14 with no problem.  In fact I've even piggybacked the FS 102 and this seems to be about the limit to the mount.  At least that much expensive weight seems to be the limit of my trust.
      Calibrations is easy to do.  I use both the ST7E and the STV and they calibrate equally as well.  I had to make a cable with posed the biggest inconvenience but no problem.  The declination axis shows a bit of backlash and you need to either increase the calibration time or speed in order for it to move past the backlash and show scope movement.  With SS2000 this it is easy to adjust the guiding speed of each axis independently so it works out well.
      Autoguiding seems to click right along.  I've been fussing a bit with the settings in Maxim to achieve corrections without oscillations.  I think I've figured it out by lowering the aggressiveness and balancing correctly.
      Overall it seems to be a good quality mount although it does require some fussing to make things just right.  Then again, I don't know of anything that doesn't.
      Let me know if I can help further,
      Rob La Pointe
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      Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2001 6:05 PM
      Subject: Re: [William-Optics] Recent images with GT-ONE HD

      Good evening Rob:
      Very nice images!  A few questions, if I may.  Did you find the GT-ONE HD to be cooperative in terms of calibration and autoguiding?  Does it seem to be able to handle the bulk/weight of the C-14 sufficiently?
      I was gratified to see your images because I am considering purchasing this mount but wanted to be sure it was up to the task of supporting the C-14 while imaging.
      Clear skies,
      Kevin Dixon

      Hello all,
      Here are some recent images taken on the GT-ONE HD.  There is a link to the individual images as well as the general imaging page.

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