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Galileo's Telescopes (was Re: ZS66SD APO for Megrez II) Part Deux

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  • RobertCGRO
    I m going to check those sites out. I ve always been a fan of Galileo. He s the ordinary man s genius. The thing that gets me is that Galileo did solar
    Message 1 of 25 , Mar 20, 2006
      I'm going to check those sites out. I've always been a fan of
      Galileo. He's the ordinary man's genius.

      The thing that gets me is that Galileo did solar research with the
      objectives darkened with smoke or other darkening agents! Not only a
      genius among giants, but a very brave one at that. Heck, even the
      Catholic Church finally had to admit that he was right! Took 450
      years or so...

      Here's a good read on a popular misconception that applies to high-
      end, or high-priced refractors and eyepieces.


      We now return you to regular programming...

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      > > >Yeah, a Galilean refractor with an upright image. Just did that
      > > >see if anyone was actually reading, instead of skimming.
      > > Now if anyone is interested in the optical specs of Galileos's
      > > telescopes, look on page 140 of the January, 2005 S&T.
      > Or try the web, e.g., The Galilean Telescope Homepage at
      > http://www.pacifier.com/~tpope/index.htm. Here two gentlemen, Tom
      > Pope and Jim Mosher, show the results of building a Galilean-type
      > telescope and trying it out. This includes taking astrophotos with
      > it. They find that Galileo's telescopes were not necessarily of
      > quality as has sometimes been stated. There's lots of information
      > about early telescopes at this site.
      > If interested, you can quickly see some pictures of two of
      > telescopes at:
      > http://www.imss.firenze.it/news/cielimedicei/01/estrumento3.html
      > http://www.imss.firenze.it/news/cielimedicei/01/estrumento2.html.
      > Apparently only the red telescope shown at estrumento3.html is
      > definitively documented as Galileo's; the other is attributed to
      > If you have not yet tired of the topic, see Building an Inexpensive
      > Galilean Style Telescope at
      > In one of my astronomy classes I built (well, assembled) a small
      > galilean-type telescopes from a kit. In fact, this may be it here:
      > http://www.starlab.com/psprod.html#Anchor-Refracting-11481, though
      > mine had yellow caps and included some blue contact paper with
      > stars to cover the cardboard tubes. Unfortunately, mine has long
      > since been lost (it was over 20 years ago).
      > We now return you to your regularly-scheduled William Optics
      > Larry
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