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Re: Megrez vs. ZenithStar Family

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  • Tom Trusock
    ... achro ... relatively ... images ... better ... that I ... the ... my ... Hi Frank, I really can t comment a whole lot on the astrophotography side. About
    Message 1 of 16 , Jan 4, 2006
      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "fccolosimo" <fcc0@h...>
      > Hi Tom,
      > You mentioned it briefly as 'a whole different story' but can you
      > comment on the FLT 110 as the best choice for wide field
      > astrophotography? I was able to play around with an 102mm f/5
      > and found the wide field of view to be very exciting. The
      > poor color correction resulted in poor color results but the
      > shot through a green filter were great. I have decided to get a
      > scope largely for CCD work, and it seems that the Petval design
      > produces nice wide views. However, I mainly want to make sure
      that I
      > get good color correction and good resolution - small stars with
      > no 'bloat' are important to me. The FLT 110, the Tak FSQ and and
      > TV NP101 are all candidates at present and somehow I have to get
      > choice down to the best one...
      > Thanks!
      > Frank

      Hi Frank, I really can't comment a whole lot on the astrophotography
      side. About all I can say is that take a look at images of all
      three with your camera of choice, and then talk to the
      photographers. An astrophotographically inclined friend purchased
      the FLT I had for review - about all I can tell you is that that
      last I knew, he was very happy with it.

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