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Re: ZS 105 focuser travel

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  • Barry Carter
    Well, I glanced over that brochure, but paid it no mind. When I saw that it did not have the 10:1 focuser, I figured it was an older design (or prototype);
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 31, 2005
      Well, I glanced over that brochure, but paid it no mind. When I saw
      that it did not have the 10:1 focuser, I figured it was an "older"
      design (or prototype); really not relevant to the current telescope.
      I am more concerned with in-focus than extended focus. I have AP
      extension tubes if I need more "out" travel. I would rather use the
      extension tube (which is rarely needed), than to have an longer
      telescope or draw tube; both adding weight to an already robust
      telescope. Since the documentation is still being finalized, there
      is no reason to jump to conclusions. Besides, I'm not that picky. As
      long as I can focus my camera, and reach focus with my Televue 4x
      Powermate, I'm a happy camper . I don't do, or intend to do Bino-



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      > -- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "Barry Carter"
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      > >--- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, Rob Johnson
      > >wrote:
      > >>
      > >> I have just received my ZenithStar 105 package, and it looks
      very nice.
      > >> However, the weather calls for rain for the next three days, so
      I don't
      > >> think I will be able to test it out fully for a while.
      > >>
      > >> The instructions for the Crayford focuser say that it should
      > >> 93mm, but mine only goes out 77mm and then there is an audible
      > >> confirmation that the end of travel has been reached. Since the
      > >> focuser has the 10x fine focuser, the picture of how to adjust
      > >> focuser tension does not match the scope. However, I would not
      > >> that the 10x fine focuser would limit the focuser travel.
      However, it
      > >> will not go further than 77mm.
      > >>
      > >> Is the focuser on the ZenithStar 105 supposed to extend 93mm or
      > >> 77mm?
      > >Well, that depends on what the "frame of reference" is. Methinks
      > >means that that travel distance extends to the edge of the collar
      > >thinkness of the 2" EP adapter, which is 16mm. So 77mm + 16 =
      > >Q.E.D.
      > Do you still have the documentation that came with the scope itself
      > (not the diagonal or finder)? If you look at the picture in the
      > titled in red "IMPORTANT NOTICE", you will see that when it
      > how to adjust focuser tension, it says, "Extend the focuser to its
      > 93 mm". The picture below and to the left shows the markings on
      > focuser tube going a bit past 90. I can extend the tube ony to 77.
      > The markings do not appear to end there as they seem to at 90.
      > Rob Johnson
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