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Re: FLT-110 : my NGC-6888 Reprocessed

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  • Florent Poiget
    Hi Chris, Sorry for my late. Thank you so
    Message 1 of 3 , May 9, 2004
      Hi Chris,

      <<<This is an excellent image of the cresent neb and the field is
      flat! Good job Florent.

      Thanks for showing>>>

      Sorry for my late. Thank you so much for your comments. For this
      image I did not use the FLT-110 Field Flattener. The future summer
      images will be taken with this accessory.
      My first picture with the FLT-110 Field Flattener was my HorseHead
      nebula, you can see a reprocessed image on the same page. The FF is
      a great help with the ST-10XME chip.

      Best Regards,


      CCD ALTAZ & AO web site : http://www.astrosurf.com/ccdaltazao

      Pithiviers le Vieil/Jouy-En-Pithiverais-----------------FRANCE

      My USA web site : http://members.aol.com/JEPobs/poiget.htm

      Losmandy HGM TITAN / Gemini Goto mount
      Meade 12" UHTC SCT OTA
      William Optics FLT-110 & Megrez 80 Triplet APO OTAs
      SBIG ST-10XME/CFW-8A/AO-7
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