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EZ-Touch, Problem with added dovetail

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  • thannan636
    I have an EZ-touch mount (newer black model). As I understand the configuration of this mount, the mount head has 2 sides, one with a vixen-style dovetail shoe
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2010
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      I have an EZ-touch mount (newer black model). As I understand the configuration of this mount, the mount head has 2 sides, one with a vixen-style dovetail shoe that comes with the mount, and the other side
      is available for mounting either a Losmandy or Vixen style dovetail
      shoe, as the user wishes. (Originally the optional side was advertised for Losmandy dovetail shoes but then WO and others came out with Vixen style shoes that would mount to the optional side of the EZ-T)

      Some time ago I purchased a Vixen style dovetail shoe and mounted it successfully to the optional side of
      the EZ touch head. It mounts with 2 large hexagonal bolts. For over a year now I have used a 6" f/5 achromat (14 pounds) on the added dovetail shoe. There are 4 small hexagonal screws on the silver collar into which the added dovetail mechanism is inserted. These small hexagonal bolts allow you to tinker with the added dovetail shoe's orientation so that if you tinker enough you can get it to parallel the origional vixen style dovetail shoe on the other side, so that 2 scopes will move in tandem and point at the same object.

      There is an obvious connection between the 2 sides so that moving one moves the other in unison. This way you can see the same object through both scopes simultaneously as moving one moves the other. I recently started using a small 70mm refractor in the original vixen dovetail shoe, as a kind of finder and wide field alternative.

      With me so far? :-) OK here is my problem:

      I noticed last night that the 6" refractor in the added optional vixen dovetail was flopping up and down a bit. By that I mean the dovetail shoe would move slightly up and down without effecting the scope in the original vixen dovetail shoe. I tried to fix this by tinkering with each of the 4 small hexagonal bolts in the silver collar attached to the added vixen dovetail. 1st I loosened them a bit and then I tightened them up. Bad Move!

      Now the Added vixen dovetail shoe has somehow come "loose" in that it spins around so that it can not hold a scope. Rotating the added dovetail shoe is now easy and it does not effect the original shoe on the opposite side. The 2 dovetails now are rotate completely independent of each other, so that even if I could tighten the added shoe, I could not use a 2nd scope in it as the optional shoe does not move in tandem with the others shoe. Tinkering with the small hexagonal screws in the silver collar to the optional dovetail plate seems to have disconnected it from what I assume is a bolt running through the top of the "T" of the mount head.

      I very much want to be able to use 2 scopes with this mount in a way that they move in tandem. At present only the original vixen dovetail shoe that came with the mount is functional

      Before I tinker with it further and get myself into any more trouble I am soliciting advise as to what to do.

      Thanks for any suggestions!

      Terry H.
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