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Re: WO66ED and WO66Patriot doing Great in Iraq!!

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  • Larry
    I m glad that you have such opportunities to look up while over there. I m sure the others that you ve shared those wonderfuls views with appreciate it too.
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 1, 2007
      I'm glad that you have such opportunities to "look up" while over
      there. I'm sure the others that you've shared those wonderfuls views
      with appreciate it too. And thanks for sharing that great account
      with all of us. Stay safe and clear skies to you.

      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "Geo" <krackerjack9@...> wrote:
      > Well I havent posted here in a good while and finally told myself
      > log in and post a update. Well the past 2 months its been dang
      > HOT yesterday it was 122 when I left to head to my Hooch here in
      > Anaconda. Both WO66's have been doing great!! The dust conditions
      > here are just insane if they can hold up here they can hold up
      > anywhere. Total # of military personal who have taken look thur
      > telescopes I would say is over 300. A few units are going to be
      > leaving here and will try to set up one last evening of observing
      > them. But the only thing on thier minds is to pack up and get out
      > here. I have purchased several different eyepieces and the 6mm
      > and the Mead 6.7 UWA is just fantastic if you want to push the
      > a bit farther I have a 4mm TMB and when conditions are good it can
      > bring up some great views as well. I got a Orion Starshooter camera
      > for it and so far can do the moon pretty good but havnt been able
      > get anything else yet. There is another guy over here who has a SV
      > havnt heard to much from him. Looking like I will be here till at
      > least May or June of 08. The one WO66 will have almost 2yrs under
      > Iraqi skies and the Patriot will have over a year as well. I know
      > units will survive pretty easily.
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