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ED Megrez? How about it William.

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  • Steve Brekke
    William, Do you think you could bring out a ED glass version of the Megrez 102 mm Doublet? I have the 80mm SD now and I am VERY happy with the optical
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2001
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      Do you think you could bring out a "ED" glass version of the
      Megrez 102 mm Doublet?

      I have the 80mm SD now and I am VERY happy with the optical
      quality of the objective lens. The optics in my 80 are truly
      "diffraction limited".

      I really seems a shame for the optical house which provides
      your lenses to put so much effort into grinding an accurate
      surface figure, and then have the ultimate optical performance
      limited by the glass which was used.

      I would guess that a 102 Megrez at about $1499, with ED glass,
      would get you about 90 percent of Al Nagler's TV 85 market
      almost overnight.

      You could do the scope as a F6.5 to keep the compact profile
      of the current Megrez.

      Provide a two part double lens cap assemble with a precision
      85 mm threaded cutout in the outer lens cap. This cutout
      would be covered by a low profile high quality second lens
      cap with side release tabs like those on the lens caps
      used on a 35mm camera lens. This threaded cutout in the
      outer lens cap would also be ideal for an 85mm partial
      aperture solar filter.

      When "stopped down" to 85 mm the optical system would be
      working at F7.8 and would be a true APO by the standards
      of scopes such as the TV85. This would only be needed
      for objects like venus. In this mode the scope would
      still out perform a TV85.

      With ED glass, most work could be done at full aperture,
      giving the Megrez a significant advantage in both light
      grasp and resolution over the TV85. Even at this full
      aperture the scope would show false color on close to
      the same level as the Takahashi Sky 90 and could be
      legitimately called an "APO".

      At $1499 retail the scope would be about $500 dollars
      more than the SD version which will more than pay for
      the cost difference in the materials. (FPL53 blanks are
      expensive but not THAT expensive).

      Please don't poor mouth about how such a scope would be
      much too expensive. Takahashi does a scope in almost
      the same aperture (the sky90) using fluorite crystal
      which is MUCH more expensive and MUCH harder to work.
      Even given these difficulties, and the high labor cost
      in Japan, this scope sells for only a little over $2200.

      So if you can't do a ED Megrez 102 for $1499, you and your
      Russian optical house are just not trying hard enough.

      What do you think William? Can we expect to see an APO
      "ED" version of the Megrez 102 Doublet in the future?

      Steve Brekke

      To everyone else in the group, chime in here and let
      William know if you would also be interested in this
      version of the scope. They could still offer the
      current SD version as an option at a lower price,
      but I think the ED version would be a really super
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