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7811Re: [William-Optics] Re: Which is better 105ed or 110 fluorite?

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  • Scott Walker
    Mar 9, 2006
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      Look at the chromatic aberration graph from the ZS 105 (given under specification on website). It shows a fair amount of spherical aberration in the lens. This is not surprising given it f/7 and large 105 aperture, and price of the scope. I would expect the FLT 110 to have a tighter chromatic aberration graph more like that shown for the Megrez 80 super APO. TEC may be also be using one aspheric surface to reduce higher order spherical aberration. Also the FLT may be using a better glass, fluorite or FPL53, compared to the ZS105 that may be using FPL51 to reduce cost.This is a guess on my part. Maybe WO or Tom Trusock could comment on the glasses used? Anyway it looks like the ZS 105 is a solid performer where as the FLT110 is more state of the art.
      Scott Walker
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      Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 5:55 AM
      Subject: [William-Optics] Re: Which is better 105ed or 110 fluorite?


      I've used both.  My review of the FLT in on CN in the CN reports
      section.  I'm working on a review of the 105.

      If price is an object, the 105 is a nice scope, and I'm seeing some
      very nice images coming out of it.  If price is no object - the
      FLT-110 takes no prisoners.  Seriously - the sample I was shipped for
      review had absolutly supurb optics, and competes with anything -
      *anything* else on the market for visual use.

      Tom T.

      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "David Moorhouse" <climber@...>
      > I'm thinking of buying a WO ZS 105mm Triplet APO for use ONLY in
      > astrophotography. I want to use a SBIG ST-2000 with a ten way filter
      > wheel I'm thinking of the Astrodon filter set. I was thinking of using
      > the 0.8x focal reducer to get the exposure times that bit lower as
      > well. I will definetly be doing colour and false colour imaging.
      > I have a dome housed mount at a fairly dark sky. It will be used as a
      > piggyback on a C-14 fork mount as a second telescope. I have two top
      > quality telescopes for visual use so don't really care about this
      > aspect.
      > Then I see this 110 fluorite APO at about twice the price.
      > Am I going to actually see any improvement by spending twice the amount
      > of money?
      > Anyone who has played with both I really want to hear what you think.
      > Either that or links to pics taken on both.
      > Dave Moorhouse

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