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7806Re: Which is better 105ed or 110 fluorite?

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  • Tom Trusock
    Mar 9, 2006

      I've used both. My review of the FLT in on CN in the CN reports
      section. I'm working on a review of the 105.

      If price is an object, the 105 is a nice scope, and I'm seeing some
      very nice images coming out of it. If price is no object - the
      FLT-110 takes no prisoners. Seriously - the sample I was shipped for
      review had absolutly supurb optics, and competes with anything -
      *anything* else on the market for visual use.

      Tom T.

      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "David Moorhouse" <climber@...>
      > I'm thinking of buying a WO ZS 105mm Triplet APO for use ONLY in
      > astrophotography. I want to use a SBIG ST-2000 with a ten way filter
      > wheel I'm thinking of the Astrodon filter set. I was thinking of using
      > the 0.8x focal reducer to get the exposure times that bit lower as
      > well. I will definetly be doing colour and false colour imaging.
      > I have a dome housed mount at a fairly dark sky. It will be used as a
      > piggyback on a C-14 fork mount as a second telescope. I have two top
      > quality telescopes for visual use so don't really care about this
      > aspect.
      > Then I see this 110 fluorite APO at about twice the price.
      > Am I going to actually see any improvement by spending twice the amount
      > of money?
      > Anyone who has played with both I really want to hear what you think.
      > Either that or links to pics taken on both.
      > Dave Moorhouse
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