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  • Rob La Pointe
    May 2, 2001
      Well, I've inaugurated my new GT-ONE HD mount this evening and I have to
      say; it performs wonderfully. It arrive yesterday and I set it up right
      away only to notice a cosmetic blemish on the mount head. Needless to say
      after spending $4000.00, I was a little bummed. I told Herb about it and he
      relayed it to William and inside 12 hours arrangements were made to take
      care of it.

      I have to tell you that I am a very happy customer and both Herb (and all
      the gang) and William (and his gang) mean what they say as far as making it
      right. I will come back again and again. Thanks Herb and William.

      As far as the mount goes, pointing is the only thing I've tried so far and
      it is phenomenal. I've owned a 12" LX 200 and the Sky Sensor in conjunction
      with the GT is far superior. It's carrying a C-14 with a Tak FS 102
      (occasionally) piggy backed as well as an imaging load and it just purrs
      along. Very solid and quick image stability when the scope or pier are
      rapped. Total damping in about 1.5 seconds.

      Finally my mount looks as stocky as the C-14. One word comes to mind

      I will post images and PE calculations take from the mount toward the end of
      the month.


      Rob La Pointe

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