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7175Re: Colour coding on the aberration graph

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  • Timm Bottoni
    Jan 23, 2006
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      Good question Dmitri!

      I want to know more than that, I also want someone to explain how to
      read it and what it really means.

      I want to be able to add this to the FAQs I am working on for the
      group, as well as for my own understanding.

      I actually went out and downloaded the Zemax demo, but even after
      reading and understanding the basics, and searching Google, I still
      don't understand what the charts mean, to be honest, and how to use
      them to compare one scope to another.

      The real software costs $2000-$4000 and then you have to pay for
      training, so maybe this is one of those things that you can't learn
      for free, but lets see if anyone has an explanation in our group.

      Anyone? Tom? Ron? Anyone feel free to offer to explain these.

      Also - Tom Trusak has posted his opinions and thoughts on doublets
      vs. triplets, and I will try to includes some of that in the FAQs
      since it comes up often as well. I have a few sites that are very
      technical, but if anyone has an easy web site that helps explain it
      feel free to post it.

      The majjority of companies do NOT post these types of charts, or the
      glass specs, or the color correction levels, or quality control
      specifications. Perhaps WO is just more honest, or perhaps they feel
      that the charts help people, or perhaps other companies just don't
      want to open the kimono that far because it lets competitors see what
      they are doing, and gives them a chance to try to one-up them with a
      better looking chart.

      Either way - if anyone has any information, let us all know.


      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "kulginoff"
      <dmitri.kulginov@e...> wrote:
      > I would like to know the colour legend on the chromatic aberration
      > graph for Zenith Star Fluorite Doublet on the WO web site,
      > http://www.william-optics.com/wowebs/prod_tel/zsfd80/chrom.htm
      > Thankfully,
      > Dmitri
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