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6495Re: Megrez vs. ZenithStar Family

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  • Timm Bottoni
    Dec 29, 2005
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      Oops - I meant to say that in my opinion I think the mechanics ARE
      the same quality in both lines. Dang, I wish you could edit posts
      when you say the wrong thing but don't catch it until you read it


      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "Timm Bottoni"
      <t.bottoni@c...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > My honest opinion is that the Megrez line is painted white with
      > trim, only 80mm, has been around longer, and has 3 options -
      > Flourite, same optics as the Zenithstar Fluorite Doublet that was
      > and is out of stock, has an ED triple, and has a Fluorite Triplet.
      > The ZenithStar line is newer, and seems like its the way WO is
      > moving, but I have no inside knowledge of this, so its just my
      > impression since WO has brought out a number of new ZS models this
      > year. Its black (or red) anodized rather than painted, and has
      > sizes 66mm, 80mm, and 105mm. It also offers an 80mm semi-apo, an
      > 80mm short, and 66mm semi-apo Petzval 4 element lens design. In
      > APO line, they have a 80mm doublet fluorite (red anniv model), a 66
      > SD doublet, a 66mm ED triplet, and a 105mm ED triplet.
      > But this information is really all on the WO web site, and I am not
      > anywhere near enough of an expert on optics (not even close!) to
      > you which optical design you should go with, doublet, triplet, ED,
      > SD, or Fluorite. There are lots of sites out there that will argue
      > one way over the other, depending on whether you want it for visual
      > vs. photo use.
      > It looks to me like WO is moving all models towards a 2-speed
      > microfocuser, and I honestly don't think that mechanics are the
      > between lines.
      > I would say first choose your price point and aperture - 66, 80,
      > (or 110 Fluoristar which is different design completely) and then
      > what you like.
      > I don't think its any more complicated than that, so I would say
      > read the reviews that are out there, and base your decision on how
      > much aperture you want, and how much you can spend.
      > And I am working on the FAQs, but its honestly more about answering
      > specific questions that keep poppig up, than a comparison grid,
      > because that is just too hard to maintain by me.
      > Its a good idea for the WO site though! I could build one thats a
      > snapshot of the scopes that are offered today if its any help. All
      > the specs are already there on the WO site, so if that would help I
      > would be happy to create an Excel sheet that could be turned into
      > HTML page easily and posted. Anyone interested?
      > Timm
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