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6494Re: Megrez vs. ZenithStar Family

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  • Timm Bottoni
    Dec 29, 2005

      My honest opinion is that the Megrez line is painted white with gold
      trim, only 80mm, has been around longer, and has 3 options - Doublet
      Flourite, same optics as the Zenithstar Fluorite Doublet that was red
      and is out of stock, has an ED triple, and has a Fluorite Triplet.

      The ZenithStar line is newer, and seems like its the way WO is
      moving, but I have no inside knowledge of this, so its just my
      impression since WO has brought out a number of new ZS models this
      year. Its black (or red) anodized rather than painted, and has three
      sizes 66mm, 80mm, and 105mm. It also offers an 80mm semi-apo, an
      80mm short, and 66mm semi-apo Petzval 4 element lens design. In the
      APO line, they have a 80mm doublet fluorite (red anniv model), a 66
      SD doublet, a 66mm ED triplet, and a 105mm ED triplet.

      But this information is really all on the WO web site, and I am not
      anywhere near enough of an expert on optics (not even close!) to tell
      you which optical design you should go with, doublet, triplet, ED,
      SD, or Fluorite. There are lots of sites out there that will argue
      one way over the other, depending on whether you want it for visual
      vs. photo use.

      It looks to me like WO is moving all models towards a 2-speed
      microfocuser, and I honestly don't think that mechanics are the same
      between lines.

      I would say first choose your price point and aperture - 66, 80, 105
      (or 110 Fluoristar which is different design completely) and then see
      what you like.

      I don't think its any more complicated than that, so I would say just
      read the reviews that are out there, and base your decision on how
      much aperture you want, and how much you can spend.

      And I am working on the FAQs, but its honestly more about answering
      specific questions that keep poppig up, than a comparison grid,
      because that is just too hard to maintain by me.

      Its a good idea for the WO site though! I could build one thats a
      snapshot of the scopes that are offered today if its any help. All
      the specs are already there on the WO site, so if that would help I
      would be happy to create an Excel sheet that could be turned into an
      HTML page easily and posted. Anyone interested?


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      > >
      > > To All:
      > >
      > > Having been smitten with the ZSSD 66 APO, I am looking at more
      > > "refractor" APO aperture for my future, i.e., 80mm or greater.
      > >
      > > Can anyone clearly outline the advantages and qualities of the
      > > members of these two design groups, Megrez vs. ZenithStar Family,
      > > e.g., is one design better for imaging versus visual use? Physical
      > > properties (other than weight)? Mechanical differences? Optical
      > > advantages?
      > >
      > > The Megrez 80mm FD is it a fluorite achromat, semi-apo or apo?
      > > The other members are apochromats, correct?
      > >
      > > What advantage has the Megrez fluorite Triplet Apo over the Megrez
      > > 80mm IIED Apo? What advantage has any 80mm Megrez design over the
      > > 80mm ZenithStar 80mm fluorite doublet (the so-called red
      > > Is the 80mm ZSFD an apo?
      > >
      > > Unrelated to my past or future purchases, but maybe helpful to
      > > why would someone choose the ZS66 Petzval Semi-Apo ED or the ZS66
      > > Triplet ED-Apo versions over the ZSSD 66 Apo?
      > >
      > > Curious Minds Want to Know!
      > >
      > > Robert in Hershey
      > >
      > > P.S. as you can see, I now own cadioptrics, refractors and a big
      > > 18" f4.5 Obsession, Galaxy/AN (with ZSSD 66mm Apo superfinder)
      > > 8" f10 Meade LX90 SCT
      > > 5" f10 Intes-Micro Mak-Cas
      > > 4.7" f6 Orion Astroview 120ST Achro
      > >
      > Robert,
      > Good question.
      > I asked it here a week or so ago, what are the differences between
      > Megrez "family" and the Zenithstar "family?"
      > Answer: nobody knows.
      > A FAQ is being considered but until that time your guess is as good
      > as mine.
      > But why would a web site want to make clear the differences between
      > its two main product lines?
      > And who would expect a users' group to know a recodite thing like
      > Clear skies,
      > Bill Meyers
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