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6490Megrez vs. ZenithStar Family

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  • hypergut
    Dec 29, 2005
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      To All:

      Having been smitten with the ZSSD 66 APO, I am looking at more
      "refractor" APO aperture for my future, i.e., 80mm or greater.

      Can anyone clearly outline the advantages and qualities of the various
      members of these two design groups, Megrez vs. ZenithStar Family,
      e.g., is one design better for imaging versus visual use? Physical
      properties (other than weight)? Mechanical differences? Optical

      The Megrez 80mm FD is it a fluorite achromat, semi-apo or apo?
      The other members are apochromats, correct?

      What advantage has the Megrez fluorite Triplet Apo over the Megrez
      80mm IIED Apo? What advantage has any 80mm Megrez design over the new
      80mm ZenithStar 80mm fluorite doublet (the so-called red temptress).
      Is the 80mm ZSFD an apo?

      Unrelated to my past or future purchases, but maybe helpful to others,
      why would someone choose the ZS66 Petzval Semi-Apo ED or the ZS66
      Triplet ED-Apo versions over the ZSSD 66 Apo?

      Curious Minds Want to Know!

      Robert in Hershey

      P.S. as you can see, I now own cadioptrics, refractors and a big newt:
      18" f4.5 Obsession, Galaxy/AN (with ZSSD 66mm Apo superfinder)
      8" f10 Meade LX90 SCT
      5" f10 Intes-Micro Mak-Cas
      4.7" f6 Orion Astroview 120ST Achro
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