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5Re: [WYO] 108mm

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  • Herb York
    Nov 6 9:00 AM
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      As you may or may not know WYO has made an agreement to have TEC in Colorado
      make APO lenses for WYO's tubes.
      At the present time there are a few 160mm f/8 scopes available and the 108mm
      will be available soon.
      Some details are being worked out and sometimes things change a bit but rest
      assured the scopes will be very good optically and mechanically.
      TEC has very good opticians and William makes very good tubes.
      WYO just shipped our first shipment of 80mm Megrez scopes (should arrive in
      a week or so) and 5 - 100 f/8 (the ones APM supplies TMB and WYO) and 1 - 7"
      f/8 Aries fluorite triplet.
      In the next couple of weeks we should be getting another 25 - 80mm Megrez
      (the 2 shipments will satisfy most back orders) and 102mm Megrez should be
      in 30-60 days.
      William sent a picture of the GT 1 goto mount he is working on as well as a
      new 6" tube assembly that I will ask Ray to post to the links section.
      I have asked William to join the group and will also ask Yuri from TEC to
      join too.
      This will help get the most accurate information possible.
      Thank you
      Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird
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      > Ray; if you are still here is the 108mm WYO still available or has it
      > been superceeded? Also how about field flatteners? Thanks, CHuck
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