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4671Re: Need advice about Vixen/Orion LVW for Megrez 80

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  • Dave Vosgien
    Aug 4, 2005
      If you are looking for something in the 13 mm range, you might check
      out the older 13 mm Nagler. You can get it on Astromart for around
      200 bucks and it is unmatched for great views once you get over the
      kidney bean effect. Once you use it a few times, the effect is a
      non problem considering the great views. It is as big as a beer can
      and heavy but on my FS-102 and ED 80, you think you are in a
      spaceship IMHO....Dave V

      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Portuesi"
      <mportuesi@y...> wrote:
      > --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, yahoogroups
      > wrote:
      > > I really don't follow the thread about LVWs compensating for
      coma. I
      > > haven't found this to be the case, but I use mine on Tak
      > >
      > I have a Megrez-80 II, and a set of the Vixen/Orion LVW eyepieces,
      > 22, 13, 8 and 5mm variants. I took them out this past weekend for
      > some deep-sky observing in Ophiuchus, plus some side-trips into the
      > Milky Way and Andromeda for M31.
      > Normally, I use the LVW eyepieces in my 15" F/5 Dob, where they
      > present sharp images, even at the edges, without a coma corrector.
      > I've been very happy with them on the big scope.
      > Observing with these eyepieces through the Megrez, I got crisp,
      > images across the field of view, with maybe the smallest hint of
      > barrel distortion as I panned the scope across the Milky Way - you
      > wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't been looking for it.
      > I haven't noticed blackouts or kidney-beaning to be a problem with
      > these eyepieces on either the Megrez or my big Dob. They are very
      > easy to look through.
      > The eyepieces have a dual-barrel design, so they can fit either
      > or 2" focusers without an adapter. I was concerned that when using
      > the eyepiece as a 2" with the WO diagonal, the bottom of the
      > barrel would run into the mirror. But to my surprise, the eyepiece
      > without collision. (The workaround would have been to use the
      > 2"-1.25" adapter with the LVW eyepiece).
      > I haven't given my LVWs extensive use with the Megrez, but based on
      > the observing I've done so far, I give them the thumbs-up.
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