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4510Re: New Megrez 80 SD II

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  • Michael Portuesi
    Jul 1 1:55 PM
      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, fcorrada <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Hello fellow astronomy enthusiasts.
      > I just purchased the 80mm Megrez SD package [...] I would like to use
      > a binoviewer like a Siebert or a Burgess/Stellarvue.
      > [...] Does anyone has experience with this setup?

      I also have the Megrez 80 SD package, and my partner owns a Burgess

      Oddly enough, I haven't yet done the experiment to see how well the
      two work with each other, with/without the diagonal. Hopefully clear
      skies this weekend will allow me to do this test and report back to
      the group.

      > Last question. Which filters are the most useful for observing the
      > planets and DSO's. I ordered the WO VR-1 filter and a Meade variable
      > Polarizer for Moon observing.

      I ordered the WO VR-1 filter, through Oceanside Photo & Telescope. It
      does make a big difference when viewing the planets. It virtually
      eliminates violet glow around Jupiter. The view is very APO-like with
      the VR-1 in place.

      I haven't yet used the VR-1 with the Moon, since we're heading towards
      New Moon at the moment. I find without the VR-1, the Megrez 80 SD
      tops out at about 100x on the Moon. Beyond that, the chromatic
      aberration becomes noticeable enough that the image breaks down.

      I suspect the VR-1 will enable the 80 SD to be used on the Moon at
      higher powers, and I plan to try this out once the Moon is back in the
      early evening sky. Though lunar observing isn't really what I bought
      the scope for.

      Michael Portuesi
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