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4505New Megrez 80 SD II

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  • fcorrada
    Jul 1, 2005
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      Hello fellow astronomy enthusiasts.
      I just purchased the 80mm Megrez SD package and should receive it next
      week. I need some advise from other scope users. I would like to use a
      binoviewer like a Siebert or a Burgess/Stellarvue. David Yang told me
      that he is pretty sure that it would work fine without the diagonal,
      but I would like to use it with the diagonal as it is easier to
      observe near zenith. He could not ascertain that using the diagonal
      would work well. Does anyone has experience with this setup?
      I would like to use a lightweight alt-az mount to put on my Bogen
      3246 tripod. Any recommendations? For the short term I will be using a
      Bogen 501 head.
      Last question. Which filters are the most useful for observing the
      planets and DSO's. I ordered the WO VR-1 filter and a Meade variable
      Polarizer for Moon observing. I am fortunate to live in an area with
      dark skies and minimal light pollution. Thank you in advance for your
      much appreciated sage advise.
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