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415Re: GT-ONE First Impressions

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  • Whodat
    Feb 2, 2001
      I unpacked my new mount last night and let me say that you might want
      to do this in an empty room. I probably have peanuts that I wont find
      untill christmas of next year.

      The mount was extremly easy to set up and starting with the tripod
      you can see it is very heavy duty. The finish on the tripod is great
      too. one thing is though that the tripod is not adjustable in height.
      This is a good thing in my oppinion because it makes the tripod more
      stable because its one piece. The drawback may be that if you have a
      real large scope you can't adjust the height. Im not complaining
      though just reporting the facts. Im happy with mine just like it is.
      There are only three screws to insert and the tripod is up and ready.

      Next you place the EQ head on the tripod and spend a good 10 minutes
      looking for the screw to lock it down, only to find that the screw is
      permanently mounted in the top part of the tripod. How cool. No need
      to look for a screw that you have dropped on the ground at 3:00 am
      when your packing to go home and your hands are so numb that you cant
      feel the screw. In just a few minutes the whole thing is up and ready
      to go.

      When you attach the cables the grey one goes up top and the black one
      goes down bottom. As you might suspect its a good Idea to attach all
      cables before applying power. I want to recomend at this point that
      you read the directions sent with the mount from william. I tried to
      skip this very important step and it nearly cost me my mind.

      First I will tell you what happens when you do skip this step. the
      motors shutter or vibrate back and forth sometimes and even refuse to
      move as if locked up. Second when they do work they dont point in the
      right direction. ie.... read the instructions. I was sure that
      somehow I had gotten a bad apple out of the bunch but when I started
      reading the manual supplied with the SS2kPC I found that some motors
      need to be set at a 3 in setup or they will shutter. What do you
      know. The shuttering stopped. then I found the manual I was supposed
      to read the first time and guess what it said. set the motors at 3.
      and it gave me the proper settings for some other RA and DEc stuff
      that made the mount start pointing right. It's worth note that
      william made these motors himself and therefore all the default
      settings for motors etc... that come with SS2kPC dont work properly.
      Some of us have to learn things the hard way though. The cool thing
      is after proper setup and polar alignment you can goto your first
      star without having to align. weird.

      Another few notes on the polar alignment scope. it seems to be of
      good qality but Ive not figured this one out yet. There is a battery
      box that appears to contain two AA batteries with an extension cord.
      I think that this is for the polar alignment scope but I cant find
      where to insert it. I am looking for someone who might know where to
      put the darned thing or did william somehow drop this in my box and
      it has nothing to do with my scope at all. oh well someone more
      knowledgeable will tell me before tonight. The alignment scope has a
      focus adjustment and can turn 360 degrees. seems good enough. Ive
      never used one though so I will be a good test of how easy it is. As
      a matter of fact this is the first goto mount i have ever owned and
      the first German EQ mount I have ever owned so Im a good candidate
      for finding the stupid mistakes.

      Overall the mount is very nice and I like the white except that it
      seems to pick up the grease from the mount quite easily. not a
      problem just making notes. I personally love this mount so far and it
      seems to work as advertised, however I have not yet gotten the pier
      adjusted so that I can mount it in the observatory. I did manage to
      get my 5" mak-newt attached last night but I was not able to test it.
      I took some pictures that I hope to post since theres not a lot of
      info yet on this mount. I cant tell you how large it is. It makes
      other mounts look like toys. and I am certainly proud to own it. you
      know the commercial lexus made where the guy was standing out in his
      yard with his pj's on at 3:00 am looking at his lexus with his jaw
      dropped. Well that was me. I will post some pics once the sky is
      clear and the mount is in its permanent home.
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