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409Re: GT-ONE tracking tests

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  • evang@dnai.com
    Feb 1, 2001

      I am one of the five to receive the mount - mine is still with
      Anacortes. They are holding onto it so William can make the cold
      weather alteration when he arrives tomorrow.

      (I will be shooting CCD (MX-916). My setup will be @1760mm (a C-11
      with a 6.3 focal reducer). I will be using the Star 2000 to track.)

      Could you precisely describe your setup for your tests?

      focal length of setup etc.


      In William-Optics@y..., "Ron Wodaski" <ronw@n...> wrote:
      > I had a few hours of not quite clear skies last night, but I was
      able to
      > image with the CCD camera through the fog. I mis-aligned the GT-ONE
      from the
      > pole in order to get a picture of how well it tracks. One is looking
      for a
      > nearly straight curve that shows smooth periodic error. Although
      only the
      > size of periodic error is frequently quoted in mount specs, the
      speed and
      > frequency at which it varies are critically important.
      > The bottom line: the GT-ONE has excellent tracking characteristics.
      Here is
      > a link to an image that shows the mount's tracking over a 6-minute
      > I took 15 images, pointing at various places in the sky (just in
      case!), and
      > they all look just like this (253k file):
      > http://www.buytelescopes.com/manufacturers/wyo/images/gt1_track.jpg
      > For a cropped image showing just a couple of star trails (25k):
      > For a rotated image showing the star trails horizontal (10k):
      > (If the links break onto two lines, you'll need to cut and paste
      into your
      > browser's address line to see these.)
      > The GT-ONE trails are about twice as good as other mounts in this
      > range. These results are actually better than many mounts costing a
      lot more
      > money. <g>
      > I'll need to use a longer focal length to do definitive tests, but
      > important than the magnitude of the PE is the extreme smoothness of
      > curve -- an autoguider could guide the GT-ONE at very long focal
      > with a tight, smooth curve like this. Compare the GT-ONE star trails
      > those of an over-$3000 mount that must remain nameless (taken with
      > scope and camera):
      > http://www.buytelescopes.com/manufacturers/wyo/images/compare.jpg
      > Note that PE is significantly larger, and much more erratic. The
      > changes to the motor mounts are extremely successful, and show off
      the full
      > capabilities of the high-quality gears in the mount. This is not
      empty hype;
      > I'm getting one of these mounts for my personal use and expect to be
      > with it extensively. Those of you who know my work know that I am
      about as
      > picky as you can get when it comes to mounts.
      > Ron Wodaski
      > The New CCD Astronomy
      > http://www.newastro.com
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