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2575News: Pelican shot with Megrez 80 f/6 (original)

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  • Paul K
    Jun 1, 2004
      This Pelican Nebula was a test shot with my new ST10 camera and
      Astronomik H-alpha filter. The exposure was 5x20minutes during the
      last full moon. The image was scaled down to better fit on the screen:


      There's almost no vignetting, and no detectable coma all the way to
      the edge of the field. I actually get more coma with my TEC-140 APO
      than with this 80mm refractor. The field of view is huge, at over
      70'x100'. I'd be interested in trying a focal reducer with it to see
      what it would do at f/4! <G>

      Comments and suggestions are always welcome.