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22573New WO-STAR 71 - pics on Facebook

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  • timm_bottoni
    Mar 17, 2014
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      Hi all,

      If anyone is interested in the new WO-STAR 71 scope there are pictures posted on Facebook

      It is the new 71mm flat field APO imaging refractor with a unique design - Here are the details William Posted...

      William Optics WO-Star71 71mm f/4.9 Apo Imaging Refractor 

      **PRE-ORDER** Price:$898

      Regular Price: $998

      We are pleased to introduce new 2014 WO-Star71 71mm f/4.9 apo imaging telescope. This scope will make its public debut at NEAF in mid-April. Production units should ship to us in late April, so we expect to ship these to customers in early May.

      William Optics is used to churning out excellent telescopes regularly, but they are especially stoked about this one. The WO-Star71 imaging telescope provides pinpoint stars at the very edge of a 45mm imaging circle. Take a look at a pre-production photo of the Heart Nebula (IC 1805) / h Persei (NGC 869) / Chi Persei (NGC 884) area in Perseus taken with this telescope!

      Regularly priced at $998, the first 30 pieces of this scope are being offered exclusively through Agena at a special pre-order price of $898 - a $100 savings! 

      Product Details

      Key Features

      71mm f/4.9 Imaging Refractor Telescope
      FPL-53 glass for color free apochromatic performance
      5 elements in 3 groups (3-1-1- configuration; see photo 2 above. New, unique, patented design - not a conventional objective/flattener/reducer design)
      Covers 45mm full frame imaging circle
      2.5" dual speed R&P focuser
      Includes mounting rings and Vixen style dovetail
      Weight = 4.5 lbs / 2.05 kg (OTA only); 5.3 lbs / 2.4 kg (OTA with rings and dovetail)
      Focuser drawtube travel = 1.38" / 35mm
      Additional Information

      Focuser drawtube terminates in a male M48 thread. Telescope comes with a wide M48-Canon EOS adapter ring. Similar rings are available from other supplier for other brands of cameras. Not a conventional 2" focuser tube with locking thumbscrews.
      Optional 1.25" 90-deg dielectric mirror diagonal will be sold separately for those wishing to use this as a visual scope. This diagonal will come with a custom adapter that connects directly to Focuser.