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22567RE: GTF81 focal length

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  • timm_bottoni
    Mar 5, 2014
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      Hi Sal,


      I don't think the F/7.7 is an issue for imaging unless you have a mount that can't handle the size and focal length.  I'm actually thinking of selling mine, and moving up to an FLT132 to be honest.   I have the iOptron iEq45 and it can handle a bigger scope, and with my light pollution here in Chicago, I think a bigger aperture combined with an Astronomik CLS EOS clip filter might be a better bet.    I just got the filter and haven't even tried it yet, and this has been the worst Winter I can remember in our area, for snow, cold, clouds so I am itching to get out and try it. 

      Email me if you are interested in buying my GTF102 or having you send me some of the less than perfect images (full size is quite large even in JPG) that I have saved.  I'm still very much learning AP, but I am also thinking that going bigger would allow me to do more observing.





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