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22549RE: [William Optics] FLT 110, P-Flat IV, SBIG 8300c

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  • runningivor
    Feb 25, 2014
      Not sure if my first reply went up.

      Hi Andy,

      I've tried work out if we are talking about the same thing if is it this flattner you are refering to http://www.williamoptics.com/accessories/flattener4_features.php

      If it is what you have to remember is the FF4 is design for a DSLR with the CCD 55mm away from the collar of the FF4, you need get the ST8300C sensor to be as close as possible to 55mm away from the collar as possible; I have the FLT110, FF4, ST8300M and FW8 and had the same problem. The back focus of the ST8300C is 17.5mm so you will need a spacer as close as possible to 37.5mm (55mm - 17.5mm) you will then need to dial in the delta from 73.5mm (the standard setting for the FLT110 and FF4).

      I my case the combined distance of the FW8 and ST8300m was 37.5mm, I added a 20mm extention which makes the CCD 58mm from the FF collar (yes I know this doesn't add up call it a manufactoring error) I then adjusted the FF to 70.5 to compensate. I adjust the WO document and produced this diagram to explain the difference


      I hope this helps.


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