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22545RE: [William Optics] FLT 110, P-Flat IV, SBIG 8300c

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  • John Robert Adamson
    Feb 18, 2014

      Hi Andrew

      Unfortunately the answer is yes the distance is critical. I bought a Flattener IV  for my FLT 123 and it is the one that  has adjustable settings for the back focus from 66mm to 86mm. It was a matter of trial and error adjusting the setting until I got a fully flat field in the image.


      You need to get the back focus distance for your set up and then put in the a relevant rings to set the distance.



      Have a look at this






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      Hi there, I'm new to this group, and am looking to see if anyone else has any experience with the same combination of gear as mine? I have just ordered the P-Flat 4 to replace my P-Flat 68 as I'm looking to image wider targets. Will I require any special adapters for use with a 48mm LP filter? Cheers Andy

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