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22526Re: [William Optics] Eggs or potato stars with my GTF81 [2 Attachments]

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  • timm_bottoni
    Dec 31, 2013

      Hi Dan,

      Thanks for clarifying.  Well you have a good setup, and they look like mine, to be honest, and I have been using a WO 50mm guidescope with an old Meade DSI as my auto guiding camera, on my GTF102.  I need to experiment and try different settings in PHD, but from what I have read it is more art than science to get all the settings correct.  I have an iOptron iEQ45 and when it warms up again (its a bit too cold in Chicago in Winter for me to get the laptop outside) I'm going to spend time just trying different settings until I get my stars round.  I believe my settings that are over correcting, so I'm, going to scale back some of the options to see if I can come up with the right choices.  

      What software are you using to autoguide?   There is a really good Yahoo group called "stark-labs-astronomy" and there is another called "autoguiding", plus I'm sure there is a group or two for your mount.  If you orient your camera so that it had the up-down direction exactly in line with the RA movement and then look at your pictures, you will likely just see that the movement is in the RA direction.  If it't not in that direction, then you have a different problem.

      Hope that help, and Happy New Year!


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