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22521Eggs or potato stars with my GTF81

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  • dan_kordella
    Dec 30, 2013
    Having issues with my GTF81 where I get egg-shaped stars where the long-axis is consistently in the same direction. My imaging gear is an Atik 383l camera, a Starlight Xpress filter wheel. I'm now using a Hotech SCA t-adapter. With this gear,my draw tube is racked out about 7cm. The mount I'm using is a Celestron CGEM and use the all-star polar alingment routine. I do not get field rotation with long exposures, so I don't suspect polar alignment to be my issue here. 

    I'm trying to get an off-axis guider into the train, but am having some unrelated issues.

    I've attached a couple recent pics with the above gear being used, with crops of the stars. They were taken on different nights, but show pretty consistent results. 

    Any suggestions as to what may be at issue here? Thanks!

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