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  • paulo mesquita
    Sep 20, 2013
      Hi Rich,

      WO doesn't make them anymore...but you're in luck. Teleskop Service does. Here is the link to the product page:


      They even have it in stock...you just need to order it. If by any change you're not in Europe and need help shipping it overseas, I can help. And if you talk to Christoph at Teleskop Express, tell him you' re a friend of Paulo Mesquita from Portugal.


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      Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 15:15:06 -0700
      Subject: [William Optics] RE: Field Flattener

      Paulo thank you for the picture but do you have a model #?  I am thinking that WO has changed this product.  I suspect that the Feild Flattener 68 is the unit I want but WO doesn't seem to produce it any more.  Has anyone had any experience with a currently produced flattener and this scope.



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      Rich –


      If you have the Moonlite focuser with a threaded 68mm drawtube, you can purchase an adaptor from Moonlite that will thread into a TMB flattener (like Paul is showing) on one end and into the Moonlite focuser on the other.  If you have a 2-1/2” compression drawtube, you could choose to switch it out for a 68mm threaded version, I believe.  Not advocating this but just saying it is an option to get the entire setup threaded.


      Craig Smith



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      [Attachment(s) from paulo mesquita included below]

      Hi Rich,

      attached are the photos of the correct FF for that WO FLT and for the 132FTL...I jsut don't know if it will fit your moolite. You may always ask ron Newman at Moonlite what fits and where.


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      Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 10:47:05 -0700
      Subject: [William Optics] Field Flattener



      I recently acquired an older TMB FLT 110. I am not sure exactly of what vintage.   WO makes several field flatteners as well other manufacturers.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to which would be the best choice mated to this scope.  I am using a 2 ½’ Moonlite focuser.  I am not sure if that would influence the choice.




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