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22435New GT-ONE owner with questions please.

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  • bushbat2002
    Sep 17, 2013
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      Hi all.

      Since I haven't seen much action in the WO GT-ONE group I thought I'd post here.

      I just bought WO GT-ONE mount SN 592 w/ SS2000PC to drive my Tak FS-102.

      So far I am very impressed with the mount.

      I do have a few questions of the group please.

      I have a bit of slop on both RA and DEC axes, how much is normal ?

      I removed the side plates to just peek and noticed that there is some slop where the worm gears mesh.

      I also noticed the "Do not adjust" sticker over some bolt heads.

      The mount seems fairly quiet if it's well balanced, but makes a grinding noise if imbalanced.

      Anything I should know about "adjustments" please ?

      I have a manual for the SS2000 but nothing on the mount.

      I'm also open to any other pearls of wisdom for the new owner.

      Thanks everyone, cheers....dave.
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