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22420Megrez 72 Stepper Motor Focuser

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  • Jim Hendricks
    Aug 6, 2013
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      Hello Everyone and thanks for providing me with a forum to understand Williams Optics scopes a bit better.
      I recently purchased a Megrez 72 and have been using it as a widefield scope for imaging the larger nebulae during the summer...and for the emerging M31 galaxy!
      I want to get accurate focus for these objects (obviously)...and so I decided to build my own stepper motor controlled focusing attachment to replace the manual control.
      The body is made from an old router dust nozzle...I turned down a coupler from a piece of aluminium stock rod....and added a Chinese stepper motor...all fed into my master hub controller.....
      The initial setup worked but getting smooth motion from the stock WO dual speed stock focuser proved impossible. It seems that the planetary gear was very rough indeed.
      Today I took delivery of a Lacerta Dual Speed Microfocuser....
      Obviously this is meant for a Skywatcher so the base doesn't fit directly but the shaft is the same diameter and so I removed the dual speed knob assembly and replaced the Williams Optics one on the Megrez and it worked perfectly. It was far smoother...no glitches whatever and the stepper motor attachment worked flawlessly.
      Does anyone know why the original WO one is so very coarse. I believe I read somewhere (might have been this forum)....that others were experiencing the same problems with a roughness in focusing. Any comments.....views?
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