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  • kwalker247501
    Feb 9, 2013
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      The CGEM is a good entry level mount(I just make it work for me)
      The Hypertune is not all that complicated but there are a few things that will give you a hard time.
      The kit from DSP will include the dvd which will walk you through it.
      The only thing I will warn against is that if your not familiar with Aluminum and screws ,I would advise you to have Ed do it for you.
      The cheap Aluminum casting tends to leave the threads on the screws (even during dissasembly) ,and some can be a bear if they strip.
      If you do tackle the job ,just take your time and all will be good :)
      heli coils are cheap if you get into trouble.
      I use the 50mm mini guider to keep the weight down.
      After you get balance and guiding down the CGEM can do 30 to 45 minute subs consitently .
      I would find someone to show you how to drift align although the ASPA routine works great.
      60 minute subs are possible ,but the mount suffers a bug that Celestron is aware of in the Declination guiding.
      It has been called cogging.
      In a nut shell when the guide star finally drifts enough that DEC corrections are needed it will stop guiding in DEC and even walk the motor backward …..then bang….it overshoots ….then guides out for another hour to an hour and a half.
      I keep my subs to 10 minutes and find the brightest guide star(not to bright)and turn the guide camera down to .5 to 1 sec.
      Keeps the DEC from overshooting when it does have this cogging issue
      Hope the skies clear for you.

      --- In William-Optics@yahoogroups.com, Stan McQueen wrote:
      > I also have a CGEM. Have had it since late fall last year. Did you
      > hypertune yours with the kit from Deep Space Products? Was it difficult to
      > do?
      > I'm really brand new to this "sport" and am always looking for pointers.
      > I'm planning to use an Orion ST80 with Orion SSAG for guiding if I can
      > every get the other equipment working and if the skies ever clear up here!
      > Stan
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